Reifenhauser Blown Film

Founded in 1911, the Reifenhäuser Group is now the leading provider of innovative technologies and components for plastics extrusion. Our six highly specialized business units provide advanced solutions to customers around the world. With the Group’s technologies and a highly skilled workforce of over 1,500 employees, the Reifenhäuser Group enables customers to produce blown films, cast films, sheets and non-wovens of the highest quality.


     Soma Printing, Laminating & Slitting

SOMA was born thanks to the willingness and great commitment of everyone at its inception. The desire to succeed is deep-rooted and is in our DNA. We know what it is to develop, produce, sell and service valuable machines in the face of tough competition and we also know that success would not be possible without hard work and sacrifices.

We believe in being there for our customers to give them the competitive edge over their competitors and win orders. We listen to what our customers say, while at the same time looking for ways to help them to meet industry challenges. The results and achievements of our customers justify our efforts and spur us on.

It is of no consequence how difficult and uncomfortable the way forward was or will be. We believe in a world where hard work pays off.

We are SOMA and we are proud of it.


     Edale – Flexo, Hybrid & Finishing Machines

Edale is a leading supplier of high technology,narrow-mid web flexographic and digital printing presses and converting equipment.

Constantly watching and focusing on the ever-changing needs of the printing and packaging market, we apply our renowned design and engineering expertise to provide equipment that helps you to deliver quality products day-in, day-out, enhancing your image, reputation, and profitability.

Our printing and converting systems are designed to enable you to increase throughput and quality, reduce material wastage and enjoy maximum uptime. They are also fully upgradeable to stay ahead of you, and your customers, changing demands.

With over 50 worldwide agents and distributors, Edale has a long list of satisfied customers in many international locations.


     Alt Anilox Laser Technology

The company was formed in 2011 with a desire to supply an ALTernative in the Anilox roller and sleeve industry. Over 50 years of combined experience in the Flexographic and Coating industry, the Directors of ALT came together with the desire to produce the highest quality Anilox rollers and sleeves available in the market. We promise to supply a full technical service as well as leading the way in Anilox Cell innovation. See our Nano Anilox Technology.


          FRIGOSYSTEM – Chillers

Founded in 1970, Frigosystem-Corema remains focused on the design, manufacture, and sale of industrial chillers and temperature controllers, with a long experience in high accuracy systems. The wide range of the products permits to satisfy all specific demands of both small and big industry: Frigosystem can structure their offer with tailor-made plants and proposals, always oriented to efficiency and energy saving. The vocation to innovation, the constant research in technologies and marketing, the application of professional ethics support Frigosystem in its continued growth and in the consolidated cooperation with world-renowned OEMs. The company is today present in the world with a wide sales and service network.


     Corona Supplies Ltd – Corona Systems

Corona Supplies is made up of ex-Sherman Treaters employees, including technical and production specialists, who offer a wealth of corona industry experience, years of product expertise and excellent customer knowledge. At Corona Supplies, we pride ourselves in solving your corona treatment requirements with a fast and efficient level of service, quality, and great value.


     Daco Solutions Ltd – Narrow Web Converting

Daco Solutions are a leading global manufacturer of narrow web converting equipment, we have long been associated with high quality and unquestioned reliability.  Daco Solutions has become known throughout the industry for their rugged durability, state of the art converting capabilities, and modular features that allow you to reconfigure your machine as your business requirements diversify.


     BD Plast – Polymer Filtration and Melt pipes

A complete line of high quality and reliable screen changers, guaranteed by the internal master of the entire process, from the engineering of the machine to installation at the customer site.
Melt pipe groups, static filtration unit, and accessories fit into any kind of system.
Flexible and customized filtration systems, tailor-made on customer demands, in order to maximize the utility.
An evolving range of products, an ongoing research to develop innovative solutions, the continuous improvement of current ones. Maintenance and after-sales service to always ensure maximum quality. Assistance at the height of the products marketed, never leaving the customer alone.


     Grafiche Tamburini  – Flexo Sleeves

The philosophy that distinguishes GRAFICHE TAMBURINI relies on the continuous improvement of internal processes and the continuous search for technologies and processes designed to improve the products requested by customers. On the cutting edge in flexographic printing market is not only an idiom, for us it is a philosophy we try to respect. We invest a lot in technology looking for the best solutions for our customers. Technological up-dating is a philosophy of Grafiche Tamburini that involves staff and each department: graphics department is equipped with permanently updated computers and software in order to meet every request; internet is a channel of primary importance that offers a detailed website showing a wide range of services as MATERIALS MANAGEMENT in order to easily and quickly receive and deal with orders


     Tectonic International – Print Inspection

Manufacturer of the award-winning range of video web inspection systems, Tectonic International is a global leader in the provision of clever and useful print verification products with designs based on “what the printer wants”.


     Electrostatic Systems & Web Cleaning

Forty years of experience in electrostatic systems and over ten years in development of systems for the elimination of dust and contaminants from virtually any type of substrate, make ACE a real technological point of reference.
The largest specialized product portfolio on the market today, allows the Customers of ACE finding the appropriate response to their needs through a sole supplier who has gained direct experience in many market fields: packaging, labels, converting, non woven fabric, cardboard, tissue, medical, just to name a few. Many manufacturers of production machines have chosen the OEM ACE solutions for the specialization acquired through the work of years in these areas, along with the ability to develop new ideas and concepts, following and responding to the specific needs of those who produce high-tech machines. These distinctive elements also represent the best guarantee for the end user requiring professional solutions to be installed on their new or existing machines




Since its founding in 1979, we have continuously developed and marketed new technologies and standards. Today we offer our customers a complete product range for extruder automation: from gravimetric dosing to profile automation PRO-CON for blown film lines. Today, PLAST-CONTROL is present in countries on all continents, with branches in the USA and Great Britain.




Our company was founded in 1969. For nearly 40 years, RENZMANN has been developing and building industrial washing machines and solvent distillation units intended primarily for print shops and for paint and varnish manufacturers.

Our core competency is the removal of stubborn residues and the handling of the flammable organic solvents or aggressive alkaline washing agents used for this purpose. RENZMANN is certified according to the European ATEX directive and has grown to become the market leader in its segment.

Another focus of our company is offering expert support and advice to our customers – something for which we are uniquely qualified thanks to our long-standing experience in the markets we serve. If you wish, we will handle your permit applications, room planning and calculations of profitability in addition to determining the best washing agents and cleaning methods for your application – our experts are always there for you.